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Bio-Rad's Solution for Legionella Risk Management - Newsletter

Legionella Risk Management

Legionellosis prevention is an important part of Bio-Rad’s R&D investment and commitment for industrial control. Regular testing for the presence of Legionella in water supply systems is the only way of preventing the disease. Bio-Rad Legionella testing products will help you find the best way to control Legionella levels in water, biofilm and aerosol samples and actually prevent damage to brand image. Bio-Rad provides a complete and integrated solution for Legionella risk management which is based on iQ-Check real-time PCR technology kits for detection and quantification of Legionella spp. and L. pneumophila.

These products are completed by the Aquadien DNA extraction kit and a complementary range of culture media products for detecting and enumerating Legionella spp. or L. pneumophila. All iQ-Check Legionella real-time PCR kits comply with French standard (AFNOR T90-471). All culture media comply with ISO standards (ISO/DIS 11731-2 and ISO 11731).

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  • Legionella bacteria ....... p. 1
  • Legionellosis disease ....... p. 2
  • Legionella regulation ....... p. 2
  • Legionella norms ....... p. 2
  • Bio-Rad’s product range: for a complete risk assessment ....... p. 3
  • Bio-Rad’s references ....... p. 3
  • Sampling: water, biofilm, amoebae and aerosol ....... p. 3
  • DNA Extraction: Aquadien™ kit ....... p. 3
  • iQ-Check™ Legionella kits: general features ....... p. 4
  • Study: Biocide treatment follow-up in a water distribution system ....... p. 5
  • Contact ....... p. 6

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Posted: July 17, 2006
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