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Pro-Lab Diagnostics archived news list

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Cost effective norovirus detection with norotop
Pro lab diagnostics launches prolisa cryptosporidium giardia eia
Rapid h pylori detection with pyloritop ag
Pro lab diagnostics releases c difficile gdh immunoassay
Prolisa ehec eia kit detects shiga toxins from faecal samples
Accurate and rapid detection of toxic infection with prolisa ehec eia kit
Prolex staph xtra rapid id of s aureus including mrsa using cmmp
New amp blue cm mp technology extended to include staph aureus latex kit from pro lab
Testoxidase rapid reliable convenient oxidase testing free sample available
Pro lab introduces specially designed agglutination card to the prolex latex kit range
New improved cm mp latex technology from pro lab enhances kit performance
Range of anaerobic and microaerophilic workstations available from pro lab
Vision salmonella slide agglutination sera the bakers dozen
Comparison of two extraction methods for group d vre
Polystainer automated staining now with extended range of microbiology stains
From pro lab diagnostics pro cult first generation cultures quality guaranteed
Testing times for legionella rapid accurate and specific identification
Automated staining a future for consistency and quality
Testing times for e coli o157 h7
Development of an internal qa scheme using microbank beads
Instant strep grouping at room temperature including group d

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