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AdvanDx archived news list

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Commercial launch of quickfish includes gram negative bc assay
Advandx adds quickfish enterococcal bacteremia assay
Commercial launch of advandx quickfish 20 min pathogen id
Video demonstrates 20 min pathogen id from positive bloods
Advandx to unveil quickfish at eccmid 2012
Pna fish test reporting dramatically decreases mortality and hospital costs
Eccmid 2011 posters new applications product performance and clinical utility of pna fish
Advandx receives fda 510 k clearance for gnr traffic light pna fish
Three color test for simultaneous id of gram negs directly from blood cultures
Id five candida sp directly from positive blood cultures in 90 mins
Binaxnow pbp2a and pna fish combination for comprehensive mrsa solution
Fda clearance for 90 mins pna fish identifying candida bloodstream pathogens
Fda clearance for pathogen id in 90 mins from positive blood cultures
Staphylococcal identification in 90 mins direct from positive blood cultures
Fda clearance for pathogen id in 90 mins direct from positive blood cultures
Fda clearance for rapid detection of group b strep from lim broths
Fda clearance for ek p aeruginosa pna fish identification from blood cultures
Pathogen identification results in 90 minutes direct from positive blood cultures
Fda 510 k clearance for advandx e coli p aeruginosa pna fish
Fda clearance for pna fish five candida species direct from blood cultures
Yeast traffic light pna fish candida detection submitted to fda
Advandx launches the first lna based tests for vrsa and vre
Hospital adopts advandxs pna fish test to identify bloodstream pathogens in hours
Advandx elects panagene as supplier of pna probes for its pna fish diagnostic products
Advandx and biomerieux partner to provide rapid results for bloodstream infections
Major study shows advandx inc s pna fish reduced bloodstream infection mortality
Identification of c albicans and c glabrata directly from positive blood culture bottles
Rapid species identification test reduces costs per patient
Evigene provides 3 hour detection of gene markers in s aureus and enterococci
Pna fish enables speciation from blood culture bottles

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