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AdvanDx to Unveil QuickFISH at ECCMID 2012

AdvanDx has announced that it will unveil its new QuickFISH rapid pathogen tests at the European Congress for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in London, United Kingdom (March 31st to April 3rd). The new tests mark a significant advance in speed to results and ease-of-use that will help clinical microbiologist and infectious diseases clinicians optimize antibiotic therapy and care much earlier for patients with bloodstream infections (a.k.a septicemia). In addition, 7 studies will be presented documenting both the high performance of QuickFISH tests and the clinical utility of rapid bloodstream pathogen identification.

QuickFISH is a brand new, rapid, molecular diagnostic platform developed by AdvanDx based on proprietary PNA probe technology. The new platform enables fast (20 minutes) identification of bacteria directly from such complex samples as positive blood cultures. The speed and ease-of-use will for the first time enable clinical microbiologist to obtain pathogen results, such as S. aureus, E. faecium, P. aeruginosa and Candida species, in time to report with the Gram stain critical values call for positive blood cultures. This, in turn, will help clinicians base therapy selection on more specific information at a critical antibiotic decision point for patients with bloodstream infections.

QuickFISH Features
• 20 Min. Turn-around Time - Fast enough to be reported with Gram stain results.
• 5 Min. Hands-on Time - Simplifies and streamlines laboratory workflow.
• Built-in, Universal Controls - Ensures confidence in every test result.
• Limited Instrumentation Required - Easy and inexpensive to implement and start testing.

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Posted on March 16, 2012