rapidmicrobiology eNewsletter - 21 January 2020.
Solus from PerkinElmer
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BC equipment
Sensilux® offers a range of kits and products, for quality control in the food industry, based on ATP-bioluminescence. With tailored control software and sampling automation solutions Sensilux® brings you the highest quality at the most competitive price.  more... 
Low Retention GripTips
INTEGRA Biosciences’ innovative pipetting solutions are the perfect partner for magnetic purification protocols  more... 
A new clause has been introduced by BRCGS requiring food packaging manufacturers to implement microbiological environmental monitoring. In this informative document, Campden BRI provides guidance in meeting the new criteria, best sampling procedures and the services they offer.   more... 
How new species in the Bacillus cereus group can affect manufacturing
Salmonella kits for food
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PyroGene recombinant Factor C method

Recombinant endotoxin detection technologies, like the PyroGene recombinant Factor C method, are quickly gaining consideration and approval as a compendial endotoxin test method, equivalent to LAL-based methods by several global regulatory authorities. Now is the time to start validating a recombinant, sustainable endotoxin test method for your QC lab. Learn more about the regulatory landscape for non-LAL based endotoxin detection methods, like rFC, and how Lonza is helping to protect a natural resource and offer a reliable endotoxin test.


  • Animal-free, sustainable
  • Endotoxin-specific
  • Equivalent to LAL-based methods

Ready to consider adopting PyroGene rFC in your lab? We make it easy for you.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast
This years conference provides an opportunity for industry experts to discuss the latest advances and challenges in the area of Pharmaceutical Microbiology. 
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