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Synergy Health Applied Sterilisation Technologies (AST)

Synergy Health: Applied Sterilisation Technologies (AST) (previously known as Isotron, SterilGamma, BeamOne, GSP and Leoni Studer Hard ) are providers of contract sterilisation services operating through a network of 29 sites in 12 countries across the UK & Ireland, Europe & Middle East, Asia & Africa and the Americas. Synergy Health: Applied Sterilisation Technologies provide outsourced sterilisation services to manufacturers; in particular sterilising single use medical products, enhancing the performance of polymers and providing technical laboratory services. We provide a vast range of sterilisation solutions to a wide variety of industries in the medical devices and pharmaceuticals, specialist applications and contamination control sectors.

United Kingdom

+44 (0) 1274 686011

Microbiology Product Areas


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