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17th February 2020  Content supplied by: Bio-Rad Laboratories

Real-Time PCR and Chromogenic Media to Detect Salmonella in Food 

Bio-Rad offers a complete solution with standardised reagents, such as enrichment media, PCR kits, confirmation agars, and PCR detection systems, in addition to software for automated analysis specific to each test.

The iQ-Check Salmonella II PCR Detection Kit is based on the fast, sensitive, and proven technology of real-time PCR. The kit is intended for detecting Salmonella spp. in animal feed and environmental samples, as well as in food samples such as poultry, eggs, and raw meats. Due to the sensitivity and specificity of PCR, results can be obtained in little as 12 hr for raw meat samples and in 20 hr for all other samples following a single enrichment in a nonselective medium. The iQ-Check Salmonella II Kit uses an optimized system of primers and probes to ensure high specificity and eliminate cross-reactions. It is designed as a multiplex reaction that includes an internal inhibition control that is amplified in parallel with the target DNA for a reliable result. Developed as an open and flexible system, the iQ-Check Salmonella II Kit can be used for up to 94 samples. Reactions can be run on low- or high-throughput Bio-Rad instruments, depending on the laboratory’s needs. Different iQ-Check assays can be run in parallel on the same plate. The iQ-Check Salmonella II protocol has been validated by several certification bodies (AOAC OMA, AFNOR, NordVal, Health Canada). These validation studies have shown that the kit is equivalent to or better than the various reference methods evaluated and provides results in much less time.


RAPID'Salmonella Medium is a sensitive chromogenic agar used for the detection and enumeration of Salmonella spp. in products that are intended for human and animal consumption. The high specificity and high selectivity of RAPID'Salmonella Medium are due to a combination of enzymatic activities and the inhibition of contaminating food flora. The principle of RAPID'Salmonella Medium relies on the expression of two enzymatic activities. Salmonella spp. takes the form of easily identifiable typical magenta colonies (due to the activity of a C8 esterase) in 24 hr. Counter selection (β-D glucosidase) is used in RAPID'Salmonella Medium to reveal other bacteria with a different colour.

RAPID'Salmonella Medium can detect motile and non-motile Salmonella, as well as lactose-positive Salmonella, including S. Typhi and S. Paratyphi. Fast results in less than 42 hr to detect Salmonella spp. when using the short protocol, and Fast confirmation (less than 1 minute), 1 broth and 1 plate to save money and handling time.


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Date Published: 17th February 2020

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