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One-stop Shop for Calibrating Range of Lab Equipment for ISO 15189

Sartorius UK’s Centrifuge Servicing achieves UKAS ISO 17025 Prestigious Quality Standard

Sartorius UK has been granted an extension to its UKAS ISO17025 for servicing centrifuges. This means that medical laboratories can now access UKAS accredited servicing for on-site or remote testing and calibration of pipettes, balances and centrifuges from one UK-based supplier.

As part of the drive for standardised quality testing in the UK, medical laboratories have to comply with ISO 15189, part of which is to have critical laboratory equipment calibrated regularly. This has intensified pressure on medical laboratories to access UKAS accredited servicing in the UK.

To meet this demand Sartorius UK’s service department has been carrying out research on centrifuge parameters for many months to ensure time, temperature and rotational speed can all be precisely calibrated. These calibration tests have passed all the stages of audit to meet the exacting standards of UKAS. The UKAS ISO 17025 accreditation adds an extra layer of quality assurance to Sartorius UK’s expanding laboratory equipment servicing portfolio.

Ian Hemmings, Director of Instrument Services - North Europe, Sartorius UK explained: “Medical laboratory services are essential to patient care, therefore equipment in these facilities has to deliver accurate results time after time and precise calibration helps ensure this happens.”

Hemmings added: “We are proud to have the quality of our centrifuge servicing work recognised by UKAS because this extension enables us to calibrate pipettes, balances and centrifuges to ISO 17025 on site or at our facility in Epsom. Currently, we are the only company in the UK and Ireland to provide accredited calibration on all these three product ranges, which offers tremendous time and cost saving benefits to staff looking to access gold-standard servicing to comply with ISO 15189 across multiple medical laboratory sites.”

For more information on the UKAS ISO 17025 equipment servicing provided by Sartorius UK, please call 01372 737101 or email ne.servicesupport@sartorius.com



Date Published: 14th April 2015