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21st August 2018  Content supplied by: LOINC

New Guide for Using LOINC® Microbiology Terms

LOINC (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes) is the international standard terminology for encoding lab tests and results now has a new resource to help users choose the correct LOINC code for microbiology and infectious disease laboratory tests.

The "Guide for Using LOINC Microbiology Terms" details best practices to be used by in vitro diagnostic (IVD) assay vendors, laboratory professionals, and anybody else who is mapping microbiology tests to LOINC.

The primary focus of the guide is mapping observation values that are reported to a patient record. The 113-page document covers lab tests that detect and identify a variety of microorganisms by culture, microscopy, immunoassay, and molecular methods and includes detailed examples for each. It also includes a LOINC primer, important mapping principles, and information on validation, maintenance, and publication of mappings.

The guide is available as a free download from the LOINC website at A free LOINC user account is required to access the PDF file.

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Date Published: 21st August 2018

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