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14th January 2013  Content supplied by: Neogen Corporation

Neogen Launches Quicker, Easier Veratox® for Fumonisin

Neogen Corporation has developed a quicker quantitative test for the mycotoxin fumonisin that requires only water in the sample extraction process.Neogen´s new Veratox® for Fumonisin 5/5 (product 8840) delivers precise results ranging from 0.25 to 6 parts per million (ppm) of fumonisin after only two 5 minute incubations at room temperature. The improved test kit features a water extraction procedure, making it more environmentally and user friendly.

"These improvements to our Veratox for Fumonisin test procedures are examples of Neogen doing whatever we can to make the testing process faster and easier for our customers," said Neogen´s Bridgett Wynkoop. "Our constant interaction with the grain industry provides a steady stream of feedback on what we might do to improve the process. We´re pleased to report that the feedback we received led directly to the product´s improvements."

The availability of the improved test for fumonisin comes as the need for quick, easy and accurate tests for mycotoxins is more critical than ever. Difficult growing conditions in many regions of North America and Europe have increased the probability that molds that produce mycotoxins may flourish in corn and wheat crops. Rapid mycotoxin testing will help ensure the quality of grain crops as they move from the fields, through transportation, storage and processing operations.

Discovered in 1989, fumonisins are a family of mycotoxins produced by different species of the mold Fusarium. These molds commonly infect corn (in fact, they are considered ubiquitous in corn) and rice, hence the potential for fumonisins to be found in feed and foodstuffs is high. Fumonisins affect various animals differently and have been linked to esophageal cancer in humans. The Environmental Protection Agency classifies fumonisins as category II-B carcinogens.


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Date Published: 14th January 2013

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