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3rd February 2015  Content supplied by: Waters Corp.

New Lab Supports Pharmacopeia Standardization in China

Waters® Corporation recently announced the inauguration of its Joint Open Laboratory established together with the Chinese Pharmacopeia Commission (ChP) during an opening ceremony held in Beijing.

The analytic laboratory will be jointly operated by ChP and Waters®. Focus areas include in-depth research of pharmacopoeia standards, development of testing methods, methods validations and basic and advanced technical training of pharmacopoeia detection methods. The laboratory is also anticipated to play a role as one of the national technical support centers in the field of Chinese pharmaceutical standards.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mike Harrington, Vice President of Waters Asia Pacific and European Operations,noted, "Our cooperation with ChP to open and operate this cooperative laboratory in China reflects our commitment to consistently push the boundaries of what's possible by helping to bring more resources to bear that enable innovations in China's pharmaceutical and biopharma industries."

"Our cooperation will meet the needs of ChP's development, while also responding to the demands of even further enhancements to pharmacopoeia standards and improved public drug safety," said Secretary GeneralZhang Wei of the ChP.

The joint open lab spans 400 square meters and is located within the laboratory building of the Beijing Zhendong Guangming Drug Research Institute. Outfitted with Waters'® chromatography and mass spectrometry technologies, the facility is set to support Pharmacopeia standards in China.

The opening ceremony, hosted by ChP, included officials from China's pharmacopeia supervisory bodies, industry professionals and technicians, and representatives from Chinese pharmaceutical enterprise reviewing future construction and operation prospects for the lab.

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Date Published: 3rd February 2015

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