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Immuno-Cell - Your Partner for Test Cards for use in Diagnostic Test Kits

Test Cards for Diagnostic Test Kits

Immuno-Cell specialises in the manufacturing and supply of slides and cards for use in diagnostic test kits. The Immuno-Cell product range for the diagnostic industry is available worldwide and can be prepared as OEM custom-made products to suit an individual suppliers requirements.

Range includes test cards for Latex and RPR - with "printed circles" or with "printed fields". Printed design can be made to your exact specifications and most cards are customizable with your company logo and/or the test name, printing can be in 1 or multiple colours, printing is with UV screen or offset printing.

Choose from:

  • Laminated cardboard
  • Mat PVC card
  • Shiny PVC card
  • Cards with embossed fields
  • Cards with a coating
  • Blood-sampling cards on filter paper
  • Cards with dotted "tear-off" lines

Download the 2016 Price List here: ImmunoCell-PriceList.pdf

Date Published: March 23, 2016

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