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5th February 2024  Content supplied by: FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals U.S.A. Corporation

Exclusive Manufacturer of the Endotoxin-specific Buffer (ES Buffer)

FUJIFILM’s ES Buffer, formerly sold through the Charles River network as BG120, is principally used in the investigation of false positive reactions that occur due to the presence of beta-glucans and, therefore, serves as a valuable tool to those working in the areas of hemodialysis as well as pharmaceutical quality control.

False-positive beta glucan results are known to occur in patients undergoing hemodialysis with cellulose membranes, patients treated with immunoglobulin, albumin, or other blood products filtered through cellulose depth filters, and patients with serosal exposure to glucan-containing gauze.


  • Highly effective blocker that prevents false positives from beta-glucan
  • Manufactured in the U.S. under cGMP with a stable supply chain
  • Exact formulation was previously sold exclusively through the Charles River network (item BG120)
  • A valuable tool in the areas of hemodialysis and pharmaceutical quality control
  • An early indicator of fungal contamination in pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Supports the safety of patients having the possibility of exposure to cellulose-based products

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Date Published: 5th February 2024

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