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Enjoy Pipetting with New Biohit Picus Electronic Pipette

Easing your work load, protecting you from injury and ensuring accurate and precise pipetting results, the new Picus electronic pipette has truly been designed for the best user experience. A team of R&D and ergonomics professionals, together with laboratory personnel, have developed the most comfortable and sophisticated pipette ever. It is small, lightweight and exceptionally user-friendly, setting new standards in safety, performance and reliability.

The Picus enables optimal working posture and maximum comfort with an ergonomic design that protects you from RSI (repetitive strain injury). With the addition of one-touch electronic tip ejection it further reduces strain and eases the workload in long pipetting series.

New generation technology in the Picus makes your pipetting performance more reliable. The electronic brake and piston control system guarantee accurate and precise pipetting results. The unique plate tracker increases reliability and speed in microwell plate work by guiding your pipetting steps and reducing risk of error.

Not only does the Picus give you great performance, it is so easy to use. With the intuitive user interface you can learn to use it in a minute, adopting the main functions easily without the manual. The unique Adjustment Wheel allows fast volume setting and easy menu navigation. The Hot Key gives fast access to your favourite programs, further easing your routine work.

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Date Published: 22nd October 2012

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