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2nd April 2013  Content supplied by: 

DuPont Qualicon is now DuPont Nutrition & Health

Hygiena has acquired DuPont Diagnostics, the global food safety diagnostics business of DuPont. Including the BAX® System, RiboPrinter® System, Lateral Flow System, StatMedia™ and Dehydrated Culture Media. Visit


DuPont has recently combined three of its food-related units (Danisco, Solae and Qualicon) into one robust business called DuPont Nutrition & Health. This Newly organized business is dedicated to delivering premier ingredients and advanced diagnostics that help food companies deliver safer, healthier and more nutritious food.

The BAX® System, RiboPrinter® System and other products formerly available from Qualicon have been integrated as the molecular diagnostics product line of DuPont Nutrition & Health. These diagnostic systems, in combination with DuPont™ Danisco® protective ingredients (antimicrobials, antioxidants and cultures) comprise the DuPont Nutrition & Health food protection portfolio.

"As part of a larger food protection unit, we can now provide customers with more comprehensive food safety and quality solutions," said Doris Engesser-Sudlow, global product leader for diagnostics. "Beyond advanced food diagnostics and microbial monitoring, we also can offer formulation help to reduce spoilage, extend shelf life, and improve texture and taste."

According to Doug Willrett, DuPont BioProtection leader, "DuPont Nutrition & Health offers customers a unique range of effective and efficient food protection choices for meeting their microbial challenges. Our bio-based solutions can provide significant contributions to global food security by reducing waste and increasing the availability of safer, more nutritious food."


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Date Published: 2nd April 2013

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