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Compact Dry ETC for Enterococci in Water Receives NordVal Cert.

NordVal International has found that Compact Dry ETC fulfils the requirements of the NordVal validation protocol.

Designed for the enumeration of Enterococcus in water products intended for human consumption, Compact Dry are ready-to-use dry media sheets comprising culture medium and a coldsoluble gelling agent, rehydrated by inoculating 1ml diluted sample into the centre of the selfdiffusible medium. The Compact Dry ETC method contains chromogenic medium and selective agents for the detection and enumeration of Enterococci, which appear as blue colonies after 24hr incubation at 36 ± 2 ⁰C.

Comparison studies using reference method ISO 7899-2:2000 Water quality - Detection and enumeration of intestinal Enterococci– Part 2: Membrane filtration method. The studies showed that there are no statistical difference in the performances between Compact Dry ETC and the ISO 7899-2:2000 for the samples tested.

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Tags: Enterococcus

Date Published: September 30, 2014

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