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Cleanroom Microbiology - New Book

Microbiologists are ill-informed if they do not understand cleanrooms and contamination control; engineers cannot design adequate environments if they do not appreciate the contamination risks; cleanroom managers and operators could make serious errors if they do not appreciate how easily microbial contamination can be transferred; and if quality personnel don't marry the physical aspects with the biological, they can wind up with a lack of confidence that a product is suitable for the marketplace.

In this new book, published by the DHI/PDA, industry experts Tim Sandle and R. Vijayakumar give a detailed account in 16 chapters of cleanrooms and controlled environments in relation to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. It is applicable to both the sterile and non-sterile pharmaceutical sectors with a focus on cleanroom microbiology.

This book is currently available at a pre-order price click here to order at the PDA Bookstore

Tags: Cleanrooms

Date Published: November 10, 2014

Source article link: Tim Sandle
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