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2nd March 2015  Content supplied by: Statens Serum Institut

Antisera For E.coli O188 Now Available

In cooperation with WHO International Escherichia and Klebsiella Centre SSI Diagnostica now introduces a new O188 antisera against a newly discovered E. coli O serotype named O188.

SSI Diagnostica O188 with catalog number 96274 is a polyclonal antibody raised in rabbits. The O188 antisera is intended for agglutination with boiled culture. Escherichia coli (E. coli) O188 sera is supplied in 1 mL bottles, and  are for partial (confirmation of OK O screening results) or complete O serotyping. Agglutination can be done in microtitre plates or Widal tubes

From March 1 O188 will be a part of E. coli O pool EE (cat. no. 80007), and all monospecific E. coli O sera have been absorbed with O188 to avoid possible cross reactions.

SSI Diagnostica have a close cooperation with WHO International Escherichia and Klebsiella Centre in order to ensure optimum terms for customers based on new knowledge, and to maintain a fully updated product range.

0188 will make serotyping more easy and precise.

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Date Published: 2nd March 2015

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