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Microbiology News: laboratory-equipment, Jul 2023

INTEGRA Biosciences Streamlines Serial Dilutions

27 Jul 2023 | Laboratory Equipment

Integra Serial Dilutions
INTEGRA Biosciences’ electronic pipettes, automation platforms, and peristaltic pumps are being used to increase the throughput and reproducibility of serial dilutions. These instruments are easily adapted to numerous applications to simplify liquid handling workflows and enhance lab productivity. more...

Download Tips and Tricks For Pipetting 3D Cell Cultures

18 Jul 2023 | Laboratory Equipment

Pipetting 3D Cell Cultures
Although the use of 3D cell cultures has grown rapidly in recent years, they can be challenging to prepare. Download the infographic which highlights some of the common challenges faced when preparing 3D cell cultures and provides tips and tricks on how to overcome them. more...
WELLJET Reagent Dispenser
INTEGRA Biosciences is offering the opportunity to win a WELLJET reagent dispenser, along with all of the accessories required to take your bulk dispensing to the next level. more...

Brand New Online Experience from Alpha Laboratories

04 Jul 2023 | ClinicalLaboratory Equipment

New Alpha Labs Website
The website is designed to offer scientists and clinicians easier access to a wealth of information, across its laboratory and diagnostics supplies, services and solutions. The website offers online ordering, is searchable, and features dedicated customer support. more...