Sleigh your specimen collection game with Puritan

Microbiology News: laboratory-equipment, Dec 2022

The potency of medical marijuana products can vary significantly between manufacturers, and the cannabis plant itself is a hyperaccumulator, absorbing and retaining toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides from the soil in which it grows more...

A Proactive Approach to Environmental Monitoring 

13 Dec 2022 | Food & BeverageLaboratory Equipment

AccuPoint Advanced
A proactive approach to environmental monitoring is important to highlight potential issues before they become costly to deal with, damage brand reputation and risk public health. Neogen®’s range of solutions for environmental monitoring are designed to verify cleanliness accurately and rapidly. more...
GRIPTIP Pipette Tips
Watch the new video here to find out more about GRIPTIPS and how they can benefit your laboratory workflow. more...

Become a PCR Pro With INTEGRA Biosciences’ New eBook

09 Dec 2022 | Laboratory Equipment

Whether you are a student who is brand new to the field, or a seasoned expert in need of some assistance with problem solving, this eBook is sure to prove a valuable asset to your PCR lab. more...

Viable Airborne Bacteria Count with Coriolis Compact Air Sampler  

05 Dec 2022 | ClinicalLaboratory Equipment

Viable Airborne Bacteria Count with Coriolis Compact Air Sampler
In this application note, discover how Bertin’s Coriolis Air Sampler was used to count viable airborne bacteria and evaluate the performance of the Genano Air Purifier in hospitals.   more...