Puritan specimen collection and transport devices

Microbiology News: cosmetic-personal-care, Nov 2023

Streamline Your Microbiology Testing with Neogen®

28 Nov 2023 | Food & BeverageLaboratory EquipmentCosmetic/Personal Care

Efficiency Made Easy Streamline Your Microbiology Testing with Neogen
Neogen’s microbiology portfolio has been developed to provide a range of solutions that can offer confidence and accuracy, no matter the test type. Designed to help streamline processes, our solutions make efficiency in the laboratory easy by reducing laborious procedures and time to results.  more...

Revolutionize Colony Counting

06 Nov 2023 | Food & BeverageClinicalLaboratory EquipmentCosmetic/Personal Care

Revolutionize Colony Counting with Interscience
The manual counting of colonies on Petri dishes is a long and painstaking process and may vary in the beginning and the end of a single day, depending on the operator. The Scan counts with up to 98% accuracy in a constant and repeatable way. more...

Red One™: Rapid Water Quality Indicators for Waters
(Drinking, Pharma, Swimming)

02 Nov 2023 | Food & BeverageWaterPharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

Red One by Redberry
Redberry offers the fastest microbiological monitoring solutions for accurate testing of waters:from 10-minute real-time analysis for viable cell count (down to a few cells) to same-day results for specific E. coli. quantification. more...