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Microbiology News: cosmetic-personal-care, Jan 2023

Improved R-CARD® Yeast and Mold Ideally Suited for Monitoring Mold Hazard in Premises

31 Jan 2023 | Food & BeverageOtherCosmetic/Personal Care

R-CARD Yeast and Mold Test Method
Save time by not having to prepare media or agar dishes. This test features a dye that will give a green or teal color to colonies of yeast and mold and an inhibitor to eliminate the growth of non-target organisms.   more...

INTERSCIENCE Range of New Products Improve Lab Workflow and Data Traceability

31 Jan 2023 | Food & BeverageClinicalLaboratory EquipmentCosmetic/Personal Care

Interscience new products
INTERSCIENCE's new products includes the instaBag range of blender bags that are supplied predosed, with ready to rehydrate media, the Scan 50 range of easy-to-use manual colony counters and the dataLink pro Petri dish labelling device for data traceability.  more...

Environmental Monitoring: Microbial Air Samplers for Every Need

17 Jan 2023 | Food & BeverageLaboratory EquipmentOtherPharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

Microbial air sampler MAS-100 NT in cleanroom
Sometimes it's the smallest things that matter the most. Minimal air contamination can have serious consequences. That's why MBV develops microbial air samplers that are high-precision, robust, fully validated and documented, as well as easy to use and clean. more...