Microbiology News : cosmetic-personal-care, Mar 2021

RollBag® - A New Wire Free Range of Sterile Sampling Bags

16 Mar 2021 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalPharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal CareMicrobiome

Wire Free Range of Sterile Sampling Bags
RollBag® is made from robust PolySilk® with a sticker closure specially designed for sampling any liquid or solid sample, for the food, medical, animal health or environmental industries. Wire-free makes for easier disposal. more...

Autoclave Deodorant for a Great Lab Atmosphere

05 Mar 2021 | Food & BeverageWaterPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal Care

Autoclave deodorant
INTERSCIENCE has launched its new Anabac® Natural autoclave deodorants with 100 % natural origin fragrances. These new fragrances, with ECOCERT certified perfume (according to the Cosmos-Standard) are compatible with all autoclaves and provide a nice perfume in the lab. more...

Standardise Pour Plate Preparation by Automating Media Dispensing and Plate Stirring

01 Mar 2021 | Food & BeveragePharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

Automate and standardise preparation of pour plates
Video from Alliance Bio Expertise shows how using an automatic system - the DISTRIWEL combined with the MEDIAWEL, allows laboratories doing pour plates to standardise: the temperature of the dispensed media, the volume in each Petri dish and the '8' shape stirring! more...

Introducing Soleris® Next Generation - Rapid, Automated Microbial Testing System

01 Mar 2021 | Food & BeverageCosmetic/Personal Care

Soleris NG - automated microbial testing
Find out more about our new, rapid, automated microbial testing platform for product safety and quality, offering fast and reliable detection of a wide range of microorganisms including TVC, Yeasts and Moulds, Enterobacteriaceae, E. coli, Coliforms, and many others.  more...