Microbiology News : cosmetic-personal-care, Oct 2020

New Rapid Response Environmental Surveillance Service is Launched in US

21 Oct 2020 | Food & BeveragePharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

environmental monitoring mobile lab service
Food manufacturers can now call on a rapid response on-site mobile lab to help pinpoint harborage sites and contamination issues within the facility. The lab can be on-site within hours, with the capability to process of more than 100 swabs an hour with results in 4 hours.   more...

How to Reduce Plastic Waste in a Microbiology Laboratory

16 Oct 2020 | Food & BeverageClinicalOtherPharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal CareMicrobiome

making microbiology green
How replace and reuse practices in one lab resulted in 1670 tubes and 1300 loops being saved during a four-week period, a 43-kilogram reduction in waste. With £400 cost savings in plastic tubes, inoculation loops and cuvettes. more...
rapid screening for pluralibacter gergoviae with riboflow P En lateral flow test
SY-Lab has developed a new RiboFLow® test for the detection of Pluralibacter gergovie in cosmetics and personal care products. The RiboFlow® -P/EN enables the combined detection of this newly specified microbe, P. aeruginosa and E. coli.  more...