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Microbiology News: cosmetic-personal-care, Mar 2014

Redipor 2014-2015 Price List Details Extensive Ready-to-Use Culture Media Range

25 Mar 2014 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalOtherPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal Care

Cherwell Range
Cherwell's Redipor media range is designed to meet customer requirements for both industry standard products and those with a unique formulation or presentation, delivering cost effective, in time solutions for large and small customers alike. more...

Liofilchem Extensive Range of Media for Cosmetic Microbiology

25 Mar 2014 | OtherCosmetic/Personal Care

Liofilchem Cosmetics
Microbiological media range for the cosmetic industry includes Eugon LT 100 Broth, and Tryptic Soy Broth + Capitol 4, available in tubes and bottles of various formats. Liofilchem can also supply customized formulations and packaging. more...