Puritan Enviromax and ESK for Surface Sampling

Water Purification Systems for Regulated Industries - Los Angeles, CA

2018, April 23 - 24

Clinical, Other, Pharmaceutical, Water » Training

The course consists of interactive lectures, discussions, and imbedded exercises. Participants will also be placed in several real life situations where they complete a compliance review of a schematic process flow diagram, analyze failures using trend reports, critique a risk assessment, and perform a change control analysis including the impact of requested or proposed modifications.

The course is designed to provide the attendee with a practical understanding of the following topics:

Basic water chemistry
Water quality selection criteria
EPA, EU, and WHO drinking water standards
The governing regulatory agencies with direct impact on water systems
Analytical water grades (1, 2, 3) and reagent water types (I, II, III, IV, with A, B & C subgroups)
Pharmacopeia water grades (Purified, Highly Purified, Water for Injection & Clean Steam)
Pretreatment component equipment - selection and operating principals
Final treatment options (reverse osmosis, vapor compression, single-effect and multiple-effect stills)
Opportunities for energy and water resource conservation
Point of use criteria such as temperature, location, time-of-day, and demand (GPM & GPD)
System design including materials of construction, generation, storage and distribution options
Trend reports (analysis, problem identification, predictive value)
Control systems, data historian, secure access, set points and alarms
Managing performance deviations and component failure
Direct and in-direct impact analysis
Quality by design including risk assessment
Instrument calibration for critical, non-critical, and informational only devices
Maintenance impacts to system performance, reliability, and validation
The importance of as-built documentation - user and field directed changes

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