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Vegan and Vegetarian Food - Meeting the Challenge

: 6 Mar 2019

: Reading, United Kingdom

Sector: Food & Beverage

Type: Seminar

On Wednesday 6 March 2019, RSSL will be running a FREE event in Reading for the Food, Drink and Related Industries.  This is a unique opportunity to learn more about Vegan and Vegetarian food.


More people than ever before are choosing to follow meat-free or plant-based diets. In Europe, the number of consumers buying vegetarian food has reportedly risen by over 25%, and in the UK 7% of the population are now believed to identify as vegan. Factor in the growing popularity of flexitarianism and this becomes a major shift in consumer behaviour. To be part of this opportunity, food and drink manufacturers are supporting these new dietary choices by developing ranges of great-tasting, authentic vegan and vegetarian products.


These developments can be complex and there are many things that need to be taken into consideration when developing and manufacturing vegan and vegetarian products. From the initial concept and the challenges of formulating with different plant proteins taking nutrition, taste and texture into consideration through to ongoing manufacturing controls. How do you ensure confidence in your supply chain, as well as in the controls you have around your manufacturing processes to minimise the risk of cross contamination? Are you commissioning the right testing to support your claims as well as meeting the requirements of consumers, the retailers and other industry bodies?


In just one morning you will gain an overview of:

  • Current plant-based food trends and labelling requirements
  • The role of protein in plant-based product innovation
  • Considerations for supplier management and manufacturing
  • Cleaning validation as a control
  • Sampling and testing to support your claims


Over lunch you will have the opportunity to network with fellow industry professionals and our experts to discuss current issues an share ideas.



United Kingdom


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