Puritan Enviromax and ESK for Surface Sampling

Understanding Sterilization Methods for Products and Devices - Boston, MA

2018, July 25 - 26

Clinical, Pharmaceutical » Training

The course provides a basic but comprehensive presentation of sterilization procedures as they are used in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. After you complete this course you will understand how and why specific sterilization methods are used in particular applications, how the methods are validated, and the strengths and weaknesses of different methods. You will understand what equipment is used in sterilizations, sterilization cycle development, sampling of products for sterility, and sterility assurance. You will also be presented with the latest developments in the microbial monitoring techniques used in sterility estimations.

An extensive appendix providing detailed discussions of some sterilization topics and scientific literature references is included with the course notes. The purpose of the appendix is to provide supplementary material for attendees who wish to go deeper into specific aspects of sterilization after the course.

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