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The Integration of Omics in Microbiological Risk Assessment

: 27 Mar 2019

Sector: Food & Beverage

Type: Webinar

With the possibility to investigate microorganisms at molecular level, we are experiencing an exciting momentum in which we can exploit this information to better understand the ecology and physiology of foodborne pathogens. Even more intriguing is the possibility to integrate omics data into risk assessment schemes. It is expected that in the near future this will be used to better control pathogenic microorganisms in the food chain. 


After a discussion forum (IAFP Europe 2015), a workshop at IAFP Europe 2016 (co-organized by ILSI Europe, IAFP and ICFMH) a special issue resulted: "Omics in MRA - the integration of omics in microbiological risk assessment - International Journal of Food Microbiology 287, Pages 1-40 (20 December 2018)"

These papers have the goal to describe the state of the art and create the foundation for a constructive discussion on how to best use, integrate and exploit omics data in MRA. In this webinar the outcome of these paper will be presented.


Sponsored by: ILSI Europe

Organized by: Microbial Modelling and Risk Analysis PDG



  • Dr. Heidy den Besten, PresenterWageningen University
  • Prof. Luca Cocolin, PresenterUniversity of Turin
  • Dr. Annemarie Pielaat, PresenterUnilever
  • Dr. Alejandro Amezquita, ModeratorUnilever

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Email: info@foodprotection.org
Visit: http://www.foodprotection.org/

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