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RSSL Training:Technology Transfer

: 13 Jan 2020

: Reading, United Kingdom

Sector: Pharmaceutical

Type: Training

Technology Transfer (TT) is a critical task in the increasingly global and collaborative pharmaceutical industry. To succeed in this interconnected world, companies must seamlessly transfer active pharmaceutical ingredients, finished dosage forms and analytical methods between in-house and third-party development and manufacturing sites around the world. Such transfers involve multiple processes shaped by different national and organisational cultures, creating scope for damaging delays that affect operations, procedures, facilities, methods and a host of other related areas. TT often has regulatory implications.


Successful completion of this course will equip individuals with an understanding of how these and other factors affect the TT process, design control strategies to mitigate them and execute transfers that meet predefined criteria for a positive outcome.


The course features presentations, exercises and case studies, including content from RSSL’s own analytical lab experiences, to facilitate learning.


This course can be tailored to your needs and run at your site as an in-house course.

This course is suitable for project managers, engineers and people working in laboratory, production and QC roles.

Course cost: £695 (+VAT)


RSSL Training Suite, Reading Science Centre, Whiteknights Campus, Pepper Lane
United Kingdom


Reading Scientific Services Ltd. (RSSL)
Phone: +44 (0)118 918 4076
Email: Rachel.Horton@rssl.com
Visit: https://www.rssl.com

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