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Pre-Analytical Scientific Webinars 2020: Harmonisation of Pre-Analytical Phase and Role of EFLM

Please Note : This is an old event click here to know more about organizer

: 8 Oct 2020

Sector: Pharmaceutical

Type: Webinar

UK NEQAS is pleased to introduce a series of eight pan-disciplinary webinars on the topic of Reducing Pre-Analytical Errors in Laboratory Medicine. The webinars will be live on Zoom every Thursday, 3-4pm (GMT), starting on the 8th of October 2020.


These webinars will bring the experts in this field into your own laboratory or even your living room as a benefit of your UK NEQAS membership.


The series includes keynote presentations from Professor Ana-Maria Simundic, on Harmonisation of the Pre-Analytical Phase, and Prof. Dr. Pieter Vermeesch on ISO15189 and the Pre-Analytical Phase, as well as sessions on the scientific impact and management of extra-analytical errors.


You can register for as many webinars as you wish, free of charge, and registration is open to all members of your team.


Each week the Pre-Analytical webinar will be led by a subject expert who will present a short talk followed by time at the end for a question and answer (Q&A) session. Delegates are welcomed and encouraged to participate in this valuable section of the webinar.


Although free to attend, registration for the Pre-Analytical webinars will still be required.


To find out more use the green "Request Information" button below or click here to register



Phone: +44 (0) 114 261 1689
Email: centraloffice@ukneqas.org
Visit: https://ukneqas.org.uk/

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