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Pharmaceutical Microbiology: The Past; Present and Future – Oxfordshire, UK

2017, November 29 - 30 @ 08:00 - 17:00

Pharmaceutical » Conference

Celebrating Pharmig’s 25th Annual Conference

• 3 Regulators: FDA, HPRA,MHRA and 6 leading industry experts from: Merck,P&G, LabMET, Foresight Innovations & Public Health England (PHE)

Key topics covered include:

  • The Use of Rapid Microbiological Methods: An MHRA perspective
  • Burkholderia cepacia Complex and Aqueous Non-sterile Drugs: A CDER Perspective
  • Industry Case Study: A Microbial Investigation of Contamination by Burkholderia multivorans
  • An Alternative Approach to Equipment Sanitization
  • Understanding Human Error: Our Role as Ambassadors for Future Human Error Prevention
  • Regulatory Updates and the Implications of Brexit Relevant to Microbiology and Industry as a Whole
  • Risk Assessment and Quality Risk Management – 10 Years On and Where We Need to Go in Microbiological QRM
  • The Development of thermostable Adenylate Kinase (tAK) Indicators for Decontamination Process Monitoring in Pharmaceuticals
  • Changes to the USP around Sterility Testing and Parametric Release
  • What Innovative ‘Eco-Microbiology’ has Potential for the Needs of the Next Decade?

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