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Pharmaceutical Microbiology for Non-Microbiologists

: 19 Nov 2019 - 20 Nov 2019

: Barnard Castle, United Kingdom

Sector: Pharmaceutical

Type: Training

Controlling microbiology throughout the manufacturing process is a key success factor for production. Microbiology is unseen and data is history, effective control requires all disciplines to be involved in the control measures and any out of specification investigations. Therefore, all key personnel should have a thorough understanding of microbiology.


This course is designed to give non-microbiologists a comprehensive introduction to microbiology so that they can engage in the required control measures, investigations and corrective actions.


Who Should Attend This Course?

The course provides an introduction to pharmaceutical microbiology and is applicable to anyone who works in a sterile manufacturing operation who is not directly involved in microbiology or is new to this area. This includes persons who review data but are not qualified microbiologists.


Course Features

This two-day course combines classroom-based lectures with practical workshops in our approved MHRA laboratory, and aims to give delegates a solid introduction to microbiology in the context of pharmaceutical manufacture. Throughout the course, data interpretation will be practised and the consequences of misinterpretation discussed.


Course Objectives

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the basic principles of pharmaceutical microbiology
  • Participate in microbiological risk assessments
  • Reduce microbiological hazards and contamination within your facility
  • Review microbiological data and understand the methods of analysis

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Barnard Castle
United Kingdom


Honeyman Group Ltd

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