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Neogen's New and Emerging Methods in Microbiology 2018 - Campden, UK

2018, May 3

Food » Workshop

2nd New and Emerging Methods in Microbiology Workshop
Following the huge success of our 2017 microbiology focused workshop, we are bringing together the food industry's leading microbiology experts and food manufacturers on Thursday 03rd May 2018 at Campden BRI, Chipping Campden.

This interactive workshop will bring together those with an interest in both rapid and traditional microbiology to explore and learn about new applications, zoning classification and view live demonstrations. It will also offer a unique opportunity to hear from leading industry experts and firsthand how alternative methods are being implemented successfully within the food industry.

Why Should You Attend?

  • Understand the impact that ISO 16140 may have on your routine testing
  • Gain an understanding of ISO 16140-2 validation reports to help choose methods that will fit your laboratory needs
  • Learn about the latest ISO 16140-3 and the changes that can affect verification of current laboratory methods
  • Hear from leading industry microbiologists on ISO Standards as they discuss validation of alternative methods

For more details and registration visit foodsafety.neogen.com


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