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Nano and Micro Formulations, An ECA Academy, Loewe Center of Translational Medicine and Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology (IME) Joint Conference - Berlin, Germany

2018, March 13 - 14

Pharmaceutical » Conference

This conference covers the legal and scientific aspects in the development of nanopharmaceuticals, medical devices and other products containing nanomaterials:

- Physicochemical characterization and quality aspects of nanopharmaceuticals
- Requirements from authority’s perspective
- Experiences from submissions and consequences for pharmaceutical development and lifecycle management
- Scientific data in regulatory submissions

Take advantage to discuss with colleagues from pharmaceutical industry, key opinion leaders from academia, manufacturers and authorities.

In recent years, nanotechnology has become increasingly important for global industries. Nanopharmaceuticals and medical devices take advantage of advanced manufacturing technology and functionalized biomaterials. However, in some cases, nanomaterials may exert unexpected risks for human health and the environment.

In the light of the ongoing controversy, the use of nanomaterials and novel technologies in the pharmaceutical formulation pipeline will be presented. Furthermore, case examples for market applications will be presented and the effect of a growing regulatory framework on market perspectives will be highlighted.

The comprehensive program of the workshop will address these pressing concerns over how to develop novel nanoproducts, how to characterize them for submission or registration and how to deal with safety concerns

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