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Microbiology of Water in a GMP Environment; USP, EP, JP and FDA Requirements

: 16 Oct 2019

Sector: Pharmaceutical, Water

Type: Training, Webinar, Seminar

Knowledge of the microbiology of water in a GMP environment is critical to the health of any water system being used to produce a pharmaceutical or biotechnology product. Even companies manufacturing tablets need to be aware of the quality of the water that may be contacting their process or product. The well being of a facility revolves around the health of each water system within that facility. How often have we learned of a facility being closed for weeks at a time because of a water system that has exceeded its microbiological specifications?


The objective of this live and interactive training webinar is to assist those involved in the development of a process or the manufacturing of a product to explore water, as a raw material in a GMP environment, the requirements for potable water, purified water, water for injection and steam to assure that they are meeting the current USP, EP, JP and FDA requirements.


Learning Benefits:

  • Learn how to set up a water sampling system and its test frequency. 
  • Determining the “Health” of a water system based upon test results.
  • What are the differences between USP, EP and JP water requirements.
  • The use of Alert and Action Levels vs. Specifications and what is meant by each.
  • When should microorganisms be identified and the preferred methods.
  • Understanding the requirements for in-house vs. purchased water.
  • Determination of various validations that supplement the maintenance of a USP Purified Water or Water for Injection system.
  • How to diagnose and control a water system problem.


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