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Rapid Confirmation Using MALDI-TOF III

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: 10 Dec 2019

: London, United Kingdom

Sector: Food & Beverage, Water

Type: Conference, Training

The use of MALDI-TOF systems has completely revolutionized the way microbial identification/confirmation is performed. The speed, accuracy, ease of use and cost efficiency are so impressive that significant numbers of clinical laboratories all over the world, have now successfully implemented this rapid technique on a routine basis for a number of years, for rapid microbial identification/confirmation of clinically relevant microorganisms. 


However, this simple approach is now rapidly expanding and also being applied in many routine food, water and pharma laboratories. The relevant commercial clinical databases have been found to be fit for purpose and are continually incorporating new species including food and water-related species.  The user can also set up a supplementary own personal database to be used in conjunction with the instrument manufacturer database. 


This event has 10 presentations covering a wide range of topics in relation to various food and water applications related to the use of MALDI TOF technology.


The conference is aimed at food and water microbiological technical staff; public health professionals, lab managers; food and water industry personnel responsible for microbiological quality and regulators.


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United Kingdom


Society of Chemical Industry (SCI)
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7598 1500
Email: secretariat@soci.org
Visit: https://www.soci.org

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