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Know it Before You Grow it: Revolutionizing Microbial Quality Control

: 10 Oct 2023

Sector : Pharmaceutical

Type : Webinar


Know it Before You Grow it: Revolutionizing Microbial Quality Control. - FREE WEBINAR

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Challenges and limitations of current Microbial Quality Control labs

  • Disrupting the Status Quo: Digitalizing and Automizing the counting with the Growth Direct System
  • Learn from Real world examples: Introducing Improvements and Savings

Microbial quality control is an essential component of many industries, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food manufacturing. Traditional microbial testing methods, however, often rely on time-consuming and labor-intensive manual techniques, which can be prone to human error and subjectivity. This can result in delays in product release, increased costs, and decreased product quality.

The Growth Direct System is a revolutionary technology that automates and digitalizes microbial detection and enumeration, addressing many of the challenges and limitations of traditional microbial quality control labs. By using advanced imaging technology and a sophisticated software package, the Growth Direct System can detect and quantify microbial growth in a fraction of the time and with greater accuracy and precision than traditional methods.

Real-world examples have shown how the Growth Direct System has transformed microbial quality control by significantly reducing labor and materials costs, decreasing testing times, and improving process control. This has led to faster product release, increased productivity, and improved product quality, ultimately providing a competitive advantage for companies in the marketplace.

In summary, the Growth Direct System is revolutionizing microbial quality control by disrupting the status quo of traditional manual techniques, and offering a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable solution for microbial detection and enumeration. Companies can benefit from the implementation of this innovative technology by improving their quality control processes, increasing productivity, and ensuring the safety and quality of their products.

Join Rapid Micro Biosystems, Field Application Scientist Johannes Oberdorfe, for this 60-minute webinar.

Register here or use the green "Request Information" button below to contact the event organizer for details.

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