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Investigations Bootcamp: Particulate and Microbial Investigations Workshop 

: 8 Jun 2020 - 9 Jun 2020

: Cambridge, United States

Sector: Pharmaceutical

Type: Training

Microbial and particulate contamination has many consequences; patient harm, failed media fills, inconclusive investigations and continuing contamination events are frequently associated with voluntary or involuntary plant shutdowns, product recalls, and warning letters.


This comprehensive two-day course on investigation of microbial and particulate contamination in cleanrooms, manufacturing processes, laboratory testing, and product will provide the tools for conducting in-depth, fact-based and scientifically sound investigations.



  • Particulate contamination in cleanrooms and barrier systems
  • Particulate contamination in products
  • Why validate microbial identification results
  • Investigating mold contaminations
  • Investigating environmental monitoring excursions
  • Investigating sterility test and media fill failures
  • Investigation of microbiological out of specification (OOS) results
  • Documenting investigations
  • Assessing risk to patient-the main reason for investigations

United States


Microrite, Inc.
Phone: +[1] 408.445.0507
Email: info@microrite.com
Visit: http://www.microrite.com/mainpage

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