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How to Write SOPs that are GCP Compliant and Implementable

: 17 Sep 2019 - 17 Oct 2019

Sector: Clinical, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary

Type: Webinar, Recorded


When Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for clinical research are numerous, long, redundant, and overly detailed, they waste time and money and – worst of all – risk compliance. While the creation, revision, and maintenance of these documents is a difficult task, it is critical to the quality of your clinical efforts and required by global and domestic regulatory authorities.  The data doesn’t lie – most regulatory sanctions stem from poorly written, too technical, or insufficient SOPs.  In fact, chances are your SOPs WILL negatively impact your clinical operations.


How do you mitigate these risks without wasting too much time and money?  Fortunately, there are ways you can produce effective SOPs that result in improved efficiency, consistency, quality, and compliance.


Learning Objectives

By attending this interactive 90-minute (live or pre-recorded) presentation you will learn:

  • How to conduct a gap analysis of current SOPs – What you need and what you don’t
  • How to identify which SOPs your organization really needs
  • How to develop effective SOPs to ensure stakeholder buy-in and GCP compliance
  • How to successfully implement an effective SOP training program to support roll-out


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