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Engineering Principles for Microbiologists and other Non-Engineers - Dublin, Ireland

2017, October 11 - 12 @ 09:00 - 17:00

Pharmaceutical » Seminar

A cost and time effective 2-day programme for non-engineers to help them understand key engineering principles used in the life-sciences. This will allow individuals to converse effectively with suppliers and engineers, and contribute to operational teams during projects, deviation investigations, risk assessments, and operational improvements.

The format of the programme is a combination of lectures and workshops (with supporting documentation and references) to inform, explain about and consolidate understanding of engineering principles, their role in GMP compliance and most importantly how good engineering practice (GEP) helps us to control contamination of products.

The core subjects that will be covered are:
Concepts of Good Engineering Practice (GEP)
Cleanrooms – fabric, finishes and details.
Critical utilities – water and gases (focus on compressed air).
Hygienic process systems – for water and product process systems, clean-in-place (CIP), and sterilise-in-place (SIP).
HVAC and Environmental control systems – components, design, commissioning & qualification.
Facility construction & maintenance.

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