Puritan Enviromax and ESK for Surface Sampling

Cleanroom Microbiology for the Non-Microbiologist - Malvern, PA

2018, March 19 - 20

Clinical, Pharmaceutical » Training

This course provides comprehensive practical information on microbial contaminants and contamination control in modern cleanrooms. Extensive guidance is presented on the daily functions and monitoring necessary to maintain required cGMP microbial and particle cleanliness levels in cleanrooms.

Topics to be discussed include:
Basics of microbial biology and physiology
Cleanroom design requirements
Sources of microbial contamination in cleanrooms
Non-viable airborne particle standards and monitoring
Airborne and surface microbial standards and monitoring
Origin and minimization of pyrogen contamination
Cleaning technologies and operations
Disinfection and sanitization materials and techniques
Rapid microbial monitoring methods
Training methods for proper contamination control
Emphasis is placed on attendees sharing information on their practical cleanroom knowledge and experiences with the group.

An extensive appendix providing tables, technical discussions, and scientific literature references is included with the course notes and is intended to provide background material for attendees wishing to go deeper into the subject of cleanroom microbiology.

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