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Cell and Gene Therapy

: 19 Jun 2023 - 20 Jun 2023

: London, United Kingdom

Sector : Pharmaceutical

Type : Conference - In person

SAE Media Group is proud to announce the inaugural Cell and Gene Therapy Conference.

As part of SAE Media Group’s leading series of drug discovery conferences, this year’s event will not only bring you the key insights you need to develop your cell and gene therapy pipeline by benchmarking against the latest case studies, but it will also give you the opportunity to network with key players throughout the industry.

Are you interested in the latest approaches to therapeutic discovery and the impact of technologies such as AI and CRISPR/CAS-9? Discover novel approaches to delivery and screening with case studies on applications in oncology and rare diseases to demonstrate the enormous potential of cell and gene therapies.


Benefits of Attending
  • Explore the approaches being undertaken to develop cancer and rare disease treatments now to expand your future cell and gene therapy portfolio, with the potential for personalised cancer vaccines, stem-cell treatments for heart failure, and haemophilia gene therapies.
  • Discover the latest industry developments in the cell and gene therapy field to expand your target range with updates and innovations in -  direct CNS-delivery, off-the-shelf screening libraries, and personalised neoantigen therapeutics
  • Uncover how CRISPR/cas9 has laid the foundation for the next-generation of gene-editing technologies and how challenges in safety, delivery, and efficacy have been overcome with real-world-examples from AstraZeneca, CRISPR Therapeutics, and Bayer
  • Review approval case studies from a line-up of global industry experts from Astellas, Adaptimmune, Oxford Biomedica, and the MHRA to better understand the regulatory pathways.


Who Should Attend
  • International pharmaceutical experts:
    • Cell & Gene Therapy R&D leaders
    • Clinical Platform Developers
    • Technical experts
    • Advanced therapy production
  • Industry:
    • Businesses looking to break into the market
    • Established players looking to expand their contacts
    • Developers and innovators in cell and gene therapy technology

Register here


United Kingdom


SAE Media Group

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