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Brexit Impact on the Pharmaceutical Quality System

: 18 Apr 2019

: Reading, United Kingdom

Sector: Pharmaceutical

Type: Workshop

This one day workshop (9.30am to 4.30pm) will discuss the impact of Brexit on the Pharmaceutical Quality System.


The pharmaceutical industry has already undergone significant change as a result, and many pharmaceutical supply chains have already changed in anticipation. However, there is much still to be decided, from the implementation of security features to the acceptance of UK medicines by the EU with/without recertification/retesting.


The question is…. what is next? Join us for a discussion on the implications once the deal is in place.



  • Review the requirements for product and site licenses for medicinal products (human and veterinary) and clinical trials
  • Clarify the impact of the status of the UK as a third country in relation to the EEA
  • Identify which quality systems are impacted
  • Define the role of the QP GMP and QPPV in the UK
  • Discuss the different possible options with other quality professionals

Find out more / register here:


United Kingdom


Reading Scientific Services Ltd. (RSSL)
Phone: +44 (0)118 918 4076
Email: Rachel.Horton@rssl.com
Visit: https://www.rssl.com

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