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A Practical Introduction to Sterile Manufacturing - Warwickshire, UK

: 25 Sep 2018

: Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Sector: Pharmaceutical

Type: Training

Designed for those people who are new to industry this interactive training course will help you understand what sterile manufacturing is and will cover topics
which include: microbiology, cleanroom design, sterilisation processes, sterility assurance, manufacturing methods and regulatory oversight.

It is designed to:
• Get you to think about the risks associated with sterile manufacturing
• Understand the basic elements of sterility assurance

The course will support:
• Building greater people capability and consistency in your sterile operations
• Reducing quality issues, waste, defects and accidents
• Being better able to meet your regulators expectations
• Releasing batches more consistently  get products to the patient more reliably
• Better management of individual performance

And - At the end of this training programme you will:
• Have an underpinning awareness of sterile manufacturing and associated risks.
• Attain an introductory understanding and knowledge of key sterile processes and controls

For more information and registration visit www.pharmig.org.uk


United Kingdom

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