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6th Microbiome Movement - Human Nutrition Summit

: 7 Nov 2022 - 9 Nov 2022

: Boston, United States

Sector : Clinical, Food & Beverage, Microbiome, Pharmaceutical, Water

Type : Conference - In person, Exhibition, Workshop

Returning to Boston in 2022, the 6th Microbiome Movement- Human Nutrition Summit is the only industry-focused meeting dedicated to exploring the latest innovations, practical applications and clinical benefits of microbiome targeting food, beverages, and supplements to pave the route to commercial success in the consumer health setting.  

Get up to speed on this dynamic industry with expertise shared from the likes of BayerPostbiotics PlusAmazentis and many others, as the titans of industry unite to:

  • Showcase the latest scientific findings on the mechanism and functional role of novel microbiome targeting ingredients
  • Shine a spotlight on the future of postbiotics, and advance commercialization of microbiome-targeted nutritional interventions
  • Advance commercialization of microbiome-targeted nutritional interventions 

With consumers demanding to have greater control over personal health and wellbeing, join your community of 100+ industry experts from global CPG companiesinnovative start-ups and biotechs to usher in a new wave of personalised nutrition. 

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Hanson Wade

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