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2019 PDA Practical Application of Sterile Manufacturing Workshop

: 13 Mar 2019 - 14 Mar 2019

: San Diego, United States

Sector: Pharmaceutical

Type: Training

This workshop will focus on the development of novel technologies for aseptic processing in the bio/pharmaceutical industry and is ideal for those who are interested in the future of sterile manufacturing.


The Workshop's theme is Defining the Future with Novel Technology.  Learn about the best in aseptic processing technology – both today's reality and tomorrow's developments.  How will novel technologies define the future of our industry and improve the quality, speed, and reliability of aseptic manufacturing?


Considering the emerging innovations in barrier technologies, implementation of robotics, ongoing adoption of rapid test methods, integrating new requirements such as PUPSIT into existing processes, embracing new tools such as virtual training, and the challenges that personalized medicine presents to conventional technologies, the clear message for the next decade is that technological innovation is going to remain a critical success factor in the production of sterile products.


Attendees will learn about technological innovations and discuss the important regulatory and compliance elements that will facilitate the adoption of these emerging technologies in our global marketplace.


Sessions will focus on:

  • Improving sterility assurance through the use of technology
  • Innovation in education of staff to minimize product exposure risks
  • Modernization of current manufacturing facilities to adopt novel technologies
  • Validating and proving the effectiveness of new technologies
  • Ensuring risk management and compliance strategies are keeping pace with technological advancements

Don't miss out on this important learning opportunity. Make plans now to attend the 2019 PDA Practical Application of Sterile Manufacturing Workshop.


Find out more / Register here:


San Diego
United States

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