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1st GHI World Congress on Food Safety and Security

: 24 Mar 2019 - 28 Mar 2019

: Leiden, Netherlands

Sector: Food & Beverage

Type: Conference

Bringing together leading scientists, researchers and research scholars from academia and industry, prominent decision makers from international organisations, and the public, from across the globe - The 1st GHI World Congress on Food Safety and Security aims to advance the conversation about the vital role of modern science in food legislation and regulation.


One of the major problems in food safety and security regulation is that many existing laws, rules and guidelines are originated from decades-old data and methods, several of which are not even relevant to human exposure. More than five decades of research has shown convincingly that food safety and security regulations should be changed and revised on the basis of updated and validated assays.  The 1st GHI World Congress provides a platform to present and implement the most suitable assays for food safety and security assessment within different fields—from chemistry and microbiology, to genetic toxicology and genomics—throughout entire processes, from farm to fork.


These issues and more are the focus of the 1st GHI World Congress, which seeks to help declare and establish new directions in the work of ensuring food safety and security throughout supply chains and throughout the world. The outcomes from this meeting can pave the way toward more accurate detection of human risk to dietary components and thus, improve human health status. 


The 1st GHI World Congress has been organised with the intention of producing a declaration that is agreed by all participants which calls for and establishes a target to change regulations within a specified time based on available knowledge.


The GHI membership and organising committee hope you will attend this unique and transformative scientific programme.  Find out more / Register here:




Global Harmonisation Initiative
Email: info@globalharmonization.net
Visit: https://www.globalharmonization.net/

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