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13th Annual PDA Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology - Maryland, USA

2018, October 15 - 17

Pharmaceutical » Conference

13th Annual PDA Global conference on Pharmaceutical MicrobiologyThe 13th Annual PDA Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology is designed to meet the unique needs of pharmaceutical microbiologists and interdisciplinary scientists involved in manufacturing and regulating the pharmaceutical industry. It also provides excellent opportunities to network, interact, and share with and learn from industry experts and professionals from around the world.

This “best in class” Conference will feature an exciting agenda that encompasses a wide variety of issues pharmaceutical microbiologists face and work in partnership to solve daily. A theme of collaboration is woven throughout the Conference, focusing on how we work together to solve highly complex problems and develop novel, compliant, and robust solutions to ensure products are of the highest quality for patients. The “Ask the Experts” interactive session returns by popular demand!

Hear presentations at concurrent sessions from global regulatory and industry experts who will share recent case studies and current trends in the field of pharmaceutical microbiology. Hot topics include:

Quality Management for the Microbiology Laboratory
Updates from USP
Innovation in Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Data Integrity – Current Regulatory Perspective
Manufacturing Challenges – The Future of Biotech
In addition, PDA will host an exhibition of leading bio/pharmaceutical companies who will showcase new technologies and trends for pharmaceutical microbiology strategies. And don’t miss the poster presentations highlighting the latest research and developments in this exciting field! Lunch, refreshment breaks, and the Networking Reception will provide a relaxed environment to view posters, visit vendors, and interact with others to discuss topics from the day’s presentations.

Attend this Conference for the unique opportunity to contribute to future advancements in pharmaceutical microbiology.

Get more information on 13th Annual PDA Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology to be held in Maryland, USA or visit  PDA Europe Pharmaceutical Microbiology - Berlin, Germany for details on the European Meeting.


Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center
United States

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