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New Software Keeps Training on Track

A new software package that helps companies organise effectively the training activities of employees has just been launched by Autoscribe. Training Manager is easy to use with numerous intuitive control features for effective human resource management in any sector.

Training Manager records information such as training courses, course organisers and details of attending employees. Courses can be assigned with automatic notification to any job holder, and refresher courses scheduled automatically according to available resources. Employee performance and training status can also be monitored in full, and courses evaluated to help managers with future decision making.

This system features Autoscribe's uniquely configurable web and windows interfaces that are both identical in appearance for a seamless operation in the workplace. A powerful help system has also been included to show advanced functionality in an easy light.

Training Manager is designed to increase the performance of companies and employees by providing managers with detailed information on training requirements. This makes the system invaluable for human resource departments, appraisal assessment schemes and general business management operations.

Training Manager is the latest in a new line of business software solutions developed by Autoscribe using the advanced Microsoft® .NET framework. Autoscribe first made its name in LIMS software for laboratory data management and is now recognised as a world leader in this field.

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Posted on January 12, 2004